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Making your Green Pepper stay fresh and last

How to preserve the Green Pepper

Keeping your Green Pepper fresh as long as you have it in your home

Green Pepper is garden vegetable that we just love to add to our salads, stir fries, and everyday cooking at home. One of the dilemmas with green bell pepper is the preserving of them while they are waiting to be used. This post will address the issues of extending the preservation time of this wonderful vegetable way beyond the traditional 2 week in the fridge. So feel free to buy more when they are on sale with assurance they will not spoil before you are ready for them.

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Non Abrasive homemade cleaning solutions with vinegar

As I keep singing baking soda praise. I find it really good for almost everything and so far can’t think of a reason for something I cannot use it in to my benefit.

For a good around the house,bathroom cleaning, surface cleaning, especially cleaning the bathtub this is my chosen cleaning solution.

Everything you add you do in moderation as there is no specific measurements I go by mostly common sense.


  1.  Get a spray bottle or a empty bottle with a spout to spray.
  2. I use my favorite dishwashing liquid which is sunlight. Poor  reasonable amount on sunlight dishwashing liquid in the bottle.
  3.  Add reasonable amount of baking soda to the sunlight liquid in bottle  so as to create a balanced amount
  4.  Cautiously start out pouring only small amounts of vinegar to the bottle with the sunlight,baking soda until you feel you have reached your desired amount needed in the bottle. ***REAL IMPORTANT*** the baking soda when mixed with vinegar due to acid content will cause content in bottle to overflow. Much like when you shaken an acidic beverage then open it may cause a spill. This is reason why I suggest you pour vinegar in slowly.

This is now ready to go but if you are afraid to try it this way you can add some water to the content which also decrease the strength of the vinegar,baking soda combination.

Try not to water it down too much so it will still have a soapy consistency which will aid in cleaning of course.

All you now need is a good cleaning cloth or sponge you use to clean with . Wash your kitchen sink,bathtub just about anything you think this could use for.

Added benefit: This same mixture is good for washing things harboring odors like,socks, dish washing liquid, or anything you think need to get rid of a foul odor. If the consistency is correct it will work out just perfect. Good luck on trying this one.

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How to Clean a Barbeque


Vinegar works great when it comes to cleaning a barbeque grill. Mix two cups of vinegar with two cups of water in a spray bottle. Shake well to ensure it is mixed. Then spray the entire grill on both sides until totally saturated. Leave the mixture on the grill for about 15 minutes to dry.

Then empty your spray bottle and add just plain vinegar. Take a piece of aluminum foil, fold it into a 2 inch square – spray the foil with the vinegar and use that square to clean in between the slots of the grill and to take off any remaining baked on food. (There is no need to rinse afterwards.)

Burn It Off

The less you have to clean from your barbeque grill – the easier it will be. For both charcoal and gas grills, simply turn the flame on high after you have finished cooking or you can do this before putting food on and let the high temps or flames burn off most of the baked on food or grease.

Warm Water

Sometime soaking your grill in warm water for about a half hour is all you need to make grill cleaning easier. Fill a sink with warm to hot water and let the grill soak. You can also add some vinegar or dishwashing liquid to the water if you choose.

Wire Brush

This is one of the most popular ways to clean your barbecue grill. The real trick however is to do it after you have finished cooking instead of before. After you are done cooking, let the grill cool a little until it is just warm. Then use your wire brush to brush off food particles. It is easier to remove food while it is still soft as opposed to when it has cooled and hardened completely. You can follow up by brushing a light coat of cooking oil on the grill with a paper towel or spray with a cooking spray to prevent future sticking

Oven Cleaner

A great way to get a Barbeque Grill clean is to use Oven Cleaner. Spray the cooled rack with an oven cleaner such as Easy Off and place in a large plastic garbage bag. Tie the bag closed and leave the grill in the bag outside overnight. The next day remove the grill from the bag, hose down and dispose of the garbage bag. (Do not use oven cleaner on the Barbeque itself however because it remove the paint.)

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Nutmeg helped me decrease the effects of Lactose Intolerance by 95%

Nutmeg for stomach ailment

My discovery of nutmeg as a treatment for lactose intolerance lead to me using it to treat a wide array of upset stomach and abdominal related symptoms.

For the treatment of Lactose Intolerance I would take about 1/4 tsp. of Nutmeg before eating any food that contains dairy product. If I forgot to take the Nutmeg in advance, no problem, taking it afterward does help in diminish the effect of the lactose

All I would do is grate a little nutmeg (the amount use at your discretion) and add to beverage or to food about to be consumed. The way I feel it is most beneficial is I would chew on it directly or grate it and put it in my mouth by itself.

I have been successfully using this for about 6yrs+ now and the only side-effects I am left with is some stomach growls if any, but no cramps or pain-like symptoms.

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