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Nutmeg helped me decrease the effects of Lactose Intolerance by 95%

Nutmeg for stomach ailment

My discovery of nutmeg as a treatment for lactose intolerance lead to me using it to treat a wide array of upset stomach and abdominal related symptoms.

For the treatment of Lactose Intolerance I would take about 1/4 tsp. of Nutmeg before eating any food that contains dairy product. If I forgot to take the Nutmeg in advance, no problem, taking it afterward does help in diminish the effect of the lactose

All I would do is grate a little nutmeg (the amount use at your discretion) and add to beverage or to food about to be consumed. The way I feel it is most beneficial is I would chew on it directly or grate it and put it in my mouth by itself.

I have been successfully using this for about 6yrs+ now and the only side-effects I am left with is some stomach growls if any, but no cramps or pain-like symptoms.

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